Peter Lynn "Jesus Feet" - one foil for each leg !

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Peter Lynn "Jesus Feet" - one foil for each leg !

Beitrag von herc » Fr 21. Mai 2010, 17:46

hello everybody,

there is one thing that keeps going on in my mind: is it possible to build a modern version of the old peter lynn jesus feets from 1996 ? back in that time, PL gave up the work on the hydrofoil boots, because "no good steering" or something.
what do you think: would that be possible today, 14 years later ? take a robust wakeboard boot, put a foil under it and take off... possible ? not possible ? you may ask: why not just take the hydrofoil board - i say: i like skiing more. i use my snowblades with my kites and have endless fun; i will soon try short wakeski/blades on the wire, and i will also try to kite with waterski. it is just that i come from skiing, never snowboarded. i can wakeboard, but i feel it awkward. never feel as compfy as on ski.


i imagine two versions:
* one without - how to call it? (sorry, new to hydrofoils) - that long metal shaft that connects to the blade - your feet are directly mounted to the blades by a streamlined, low drag high boot, that goes all over your lower leg /drumstick

* one version classic style - foil mounted to that long metal blade, metal blade connects to a ski boot / very stable wakeboard boot.

what do you think?

i want to use hydrofoils mainly for low-wind-kit-surfing !